Why You Should Go to Mexico in 2016

Mexico is one of those places that has always been a great value destination, especially for American and Canadian neighbors to the north. Current economic trends are continuing to make Mexico an attractive destination for those who hold high value currencies.

Mexico was added as one of the top value destinations in 2016 for Australians and Canadians, but it’s equally true for holders of Euros and American Dollars.

So why should you go to Mexico this year?

The Food

Try it all:

The Culture & History

Mexico has a rich and diverse culture, take your time, explore each and every state:

Adventures Abound

Mexico is a land of adventures waiting to be had, from the simplest of daily tasks made more interesting by the differences in language and social structure, to truly off the beaten path wild rides. Mexico will stretch your paradigm.

It’s Safe for Travelers

Sure, Mexico has it’s less than perfectly safe zones. So do Chicago and Washington D.C. With reasonable precautions, the average traveler will never encounter the violence that the media focuses so intently on.