Weekend Adventures in Mexico

mexico-snorkelingFor some, Mexico means endless days on the beach, soaking up the sun and sipping cocktails. Sure, it might be a good approach for those who like such a vacation… but many travelers actually enjoy being active on their vacations.

Regardless of your weekend plans, the first thing to do is to look for flights to Mexico and book them. There are many low-cost carriers offering flights from various US cities into Mexico, including Cancun, so you won’t be breaking your budget if you book ahead of time and keep your eyes on their special offers.

Now you need a place to stay. Of course you will spend some time on the beach so choosing one of the cheap Cancun hotels is an excellent idea. Look for places located further from the beach if you want to save some money. And you probably don’t need too many facilities either.

Time to plan the fun, active weekend! Eco-adventures in Mexico are excellent choice for those who want to combine relaxation with some activities. Riviera Maya is not only popular for the many beaches and resorts but also for the eco-adventures possibilities.

If you want to have a lot of freedom, make sure to rent a car so that you can plan your days exactly the way you like.

The underground fresh-water caves (called cenotes) are excellent places to try snorkeling. But the activities which can be experienced here include kayaking, diving, zip-lining and rappelling. You’ll find some of them in large eco-parks, while others are marked along the highway, making them very easy to be identified.

If you are looking for excellent diving and snorkeling spots, Acapulco is a great choice. La Roqueta Island is located in the Acapulco Bay and is accessible only by boat. Many dive operators offer the possibility to explore the area.