Watch Mexico’s Football Matches While Sipping a Cocktail on the Beach

cancun-barJune is hot and can be rainy in the Caribbean but it’s surely a good idea to soak up the sun, sip a cocktail and watch Mexico’s football (soccer) matches at the World Cup. It’s probably a bit too hot to wear your Mexico World Cup jersey but you can bring it along, in case you plan to do some partying in the club late at night and you want to show your affection towards your favorite team.

Cancun is a popular vacation spot year round but during the rainy season you should be prepared for some showers. But both accommodation and flights are cheaper during this time of the year.

Especially if you fly from the US, finding cheap flights to Cancun is not hard. There are several low-cost carriers which offer flights into Cancun and all have some special deals going on at one time or another. So keep your eyes open for such opportunities and book the flight when you find a good deal. A non-stop RT flight from New York starts at $378 (on JetBlue)

Hotels in Cancun range from very affordable to expensive and it’s only your budget that decides where you want to stay. During the low season you can find excellent deals from luxury hotels though. Rooms, based on the all inclusive plan, start at $59 in mid-June. The hotel is right on the beach and close to the main attractions.


Book your flight slightly in advance but not earlier than 8 weeks. Some low-cost carriers have special deals available but it’s always a gamble to wait for too long before booking.

Ask for recommendations from friends who have been to Cancun. They can give you important information about the hotel where they stayed. Or you can log onto travel boards and ask for recommendations. It’s easier than reading endless reviews.

Don’t forget your sunscreen. You might not be used to wear protection when you walk in the city during summer, but the Caribbean sun is harsh on your skin. So buy a good sunscreen before you leave home (ask your cosmetician for recommendations).

Don’t get drunk. Problems occur when you are not aware of your surroundings. You can have fun and celebrate without getting drunk. Women, be careful who buys you drinks in clubs.

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