Visiting Cancun – interesting, cheap, safe

cancunCancun – the year round perfect beach destination! No matter when you choose to visit the place, you’ll always be able to soak up the sun and enjoy the time on the beach. But if you are not fond of spending days on the beach, you can plan some interesting day trips near-by as well.

Safety first

I’ve always raved about travel insurance and there are plenty of people of there who will agree with me (and probably more who wouldn’t). Still, consider this. You are on the beach, enjoying a cocktail and the hurricane warning comes. You rush to the hotel and stay there. Only that your flight back home is due the next day and you’ve just been told that it’s been canceled. What is there to do? Panic? Sure, go ahead! But first reach for that travel insurance I mentioned earlier! Use your travel insurance. Before you purchase it, make sure it covers you in case the flight gets canceled because of the weather. Do be careful though that low-cost flights are not covered by the insurance companies.

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Getting to Cancun

Cancún International Airport is the second biggest airport in Mexico. It’s located at just 10 km / 6 miles from the hotel strip. Many hotels offer a shuttle to transfer tourists to/from the airport. Make sure to ask for prices though.

Cheap flights to Cancun are easy to find no matter when you plant to travel. But of course, the most deals are available during the high season. Regardless of when you plan to travel, make sure to book in advance. If it’s possible try to fly mid-week as opposed to the weekend (you’ll save some money and the flights won’t be that crowded either).

Where to stay in Cancun

Cancun has been created as a place to spend your vacation so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are plenty of places to choose from. Hotels in Cancun come in many forms in sizes, from the cheap ones to the posh resorts where you can find everything you might have dreamed of.

If you prefer a cheaper alternative, there are some nice hostels near Downtown Cancun which you can choose from.

What to do

Besides soaking up the sun and trying all those lovely beach related activities, you can always plan a day trip to Chichen Itza . Do plan to get there early and come prepared for the heat and crowds.

Or you can enjoy a day on Isla Mujeres . There’s a lighthouse, a temple and some interesting places to sunbath and snorkel as well.