AcapulcoBeing a preferred vacation destination for Northern Americans, the Mexican resorts have seen a raise in hotel prices which start to make it harder to find a suitable vacation place at prices that won’t break your budget.

Fortunately, Mexico doesn’t lack such places, as long as you are willing to avoid the crowded popular vacation spots at Cancun or Acapulco and head to some secluded places.

What to expect in Mexico

Mexico is an easy country to visit…if you speak Spanish. Pretty much any door would open if you know at least some basic Spanish. English is spoken in the major resorts areas but if you want to explore some un-crowded locations don’t rely on Shakespeare’s language.

Mexico is a big country, 5th largest in the Americas and 14th largest in the world, to be exact. Which means nothing is at small scale here.

Mexico is among the ten most popular tourist destinations in the world, welcoming over 20 million tourists each year. Tourists are drawn mostly by the Mayan ruins and by the popular beach resorts.

Tourist season

December is one of the most popular months to come to Mexico. On the coast, the high season extends between December and April. July and August also represent high months. Off season is generally represented by the hurricane season which extends from May to November.

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It’s interesting to note that Mexicans tend to spend their vacations at home as opposed to Europeans and Americans who prefer to escape to other countries.

What to do in Mexico

There is a lot to do in Mexico and it all depends on what you plan to do in your vacation. If you come for the sun, check out the beaches. If you are the active kind of traveler, try the water sports, fishing or hiking. Culture on your mind? Check out the Mayan ruins, the museums and the galleries.

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Beach weddingPackage holidays

Package holidays are very popular mostly among those looking for the perfect honeymoon or the perfect place to get married. Yes, Mexico is one of the preferred spots for a destination wedding.

Considering the high prices in the popular beach resorts, getting a package holiday would allow for a better price, no matter why you want to come here. Booking well in advance would also save you some money as you can benefit from the early book discounts most travel agencies offer.