Traveling During Hurricane Season

HurricaneThe hotel rates are lower, the resorts aren’t crowded but there is always the chance to get hit by a hurricane (although statistically the chances are really low). So, what to do? Should you travel to Mexico during hurricane season?

Hurricane Season

Officially lasting between June and November, tropical storms and hurricanes affect the Caribbean coast of Yucatan peninsula, the Pacific coast and the golf cost. Statistically, the majority of hurricanes occur between August and October and the chances of you being caught in one are really slim.

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The hurricane season is the low season for traveling to Mexico. This means everything costs less, from accommodation and flights to things you can do. Not to mention that the majority of resorts offer very good travel deals.

Since the season coincides with the summer vacation in the Northern Hemisphere, a lot of travelers are tempted to take advantage of the low prices.


There are certain risks associated with traveling during a “lousy” weather season. Although the chances of being hit by a storm are low, if it does hit, your vacation will be completely ruined.

All hotels have special plans in case of hurricanes so expect to be evacuated. Ferries are canceled and you pretty much are stuck in a single (safe) place until the storm is over. Not ideal for a vacation, huh?

Preventative measures

The low rates attract you? If so, here’s you can do to minimize the risks (but, unfortunately, not the disappointment):

Buy travel insurance. Make sure it states that you are covered in case the vacation gets canceled (or cut short) because of the weather. The prices are really low and at least you can get your money back. Shop around and, if possible, get an insurance which covers evacuation costs as well. If caught in a storm, those with insurance are the first ones to be rescued.

If you are a US or Canadian citizen, register your trip at the State Department. In case of emergency the consulates will know where you can and can offer help. If you come from any other country, make sure to let the embassy know you are there (and also tell at least one person in your country before you leave; give them all the necessary details to be able to get in touch with you).

Check the weather. Since all travel deals offer the possibility to cancel without paying anything, stay tuned to the weather forecasts and if you notice a storm is about to form where you are heading to cancel the trip. Better safe than sorry.


Still want to travel during hurricane season? Choose a cruise. The schedule and itinerary of cruise ships is changed to avoid the hurricanes but at least your vacation won’t be canceled. The policy is to avoid the storm rather than face it, so you might miss a stop in a particular harbor but you can still enjoy the cruise. Prices are low during this time of year.

Travel during early spring or winter. Prices are getting higher but you can still find good deals if you plan in advance. Check the websites for special packages and take advantage of them.

Instead of heading to the regions that can be struck my hurricanes, head to the cities, such as Mexico City. Although the weather is hot and humid, you can still enjoy sightseeing and exploring the city life.