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Mexico has it all: Mayan ruins, museums, beaches…but due to its size and countless activities possible, it’s impossible to visit and do everything during your first vacation here. A good trick is to choose what you want to do and plan your vacation around that spot.

Flights to Mexico

When planning your Mexico vacation, the first thing to consider is your plane ticket. The sooner you book, the cheaper the seat. If you decide to use a travel agency and book a package, the flight’s cost will be part of the package.

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Where to stay in Mexico

The next important step is booking your accommodation. Again, the same rule applies: the sooner you book, the cheaper the bed. Make sure to check the list of amenities and what’s included in the room price. Thankfully, you can find accommodation for any budget.

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Getting around Mexico

Since passenger train service seized operations more than a decade ago, the preferred means of transport is the plane; which is also practical, due to the distances between cities.

You can also rent a car but sometimes that can be dangerous. Some Spanish knowledge and travel insurance are definitely recommended if you decide to drive in Mexico.