Top Surfing Towns in Mexico

Mexico offers some of the best waves in the world. There are seven regions around the coast where surfers gather to have fun. And since Mexico is located so close to the USA, many American surfers choose to spend their active vacation south of the border.

Mexico boasts some of the best surfing beaches in North America, with high and powerful waves, just perfect for the experienced surfers. There are many towns with beautiful beaches where surfing is possible, but only some have won the title of top surfing towns.

Puerto Escondido

By far the best place to surf and the most popular is Puerto Escondido. The town is known for the big waves and excellent surfing conditions. The best beach for surfing is Playa Zicatela, where you can even take surfing lessons.

It’s easy to get to Puerto Escondido. There are buses from Oaxaca and Mexico City , as well as from the near-by cities on the Pacific Coast. The city has an airport so you can also choose to fly here.


This small town located on the Pacific Coast is best for those who are learning to surf. The water is shallow even far away from the shore. For the more advanced surfers, there’s also a more demanding area.

The easiest way to get to Sayulita is by bus from Puerto Vallarta .

Todos Santos Island – Ensenada

At just two hours by boat from Ensenada there’s Todos Santos Island (commonly known as “Todos”), a world famous surfing spot. The waves are some of the biggest in North America which makes the island a very popular location among surfers.

Access to the island is only by boat from Ensenada. To get to Ensenada, you can either take a bus from Tijuana or drive.


The city has some great locations where surfers gather to catch the best wave. One of the most popular spot is Playa Bruja, to the north of the city. The waves are 8-10 feet high and, thankfully, the beach is remote enough not to have to deal with the annoying crowds and vendors. Another surfing spot is next to Valentino’s but it’s not as popular as Playa Bruja.

To get to Mazatlan, you can fly into the city directly from US or via Mexico City. There are also buses connecting the city to other major Mexican cities or you can drive.


This is a destination for experienced surfers only. The waves are powerful, big, break from both left and right which can turn into a nightmare if the surfer lacks experience.

To get to Pascuales you can fly into Manzanillo (international flights) or Colima (domestic flights) and drive the last leg of the trip. Buses are available from Tecoman.


Some of the best surf waves in Mexico can be found at Playa El Mojon and Barra de la Cruz. The city boasts 36 white beaches, some offering moderate surfing, a good choice for the beginners, although those beaches are rather deserted at times.

To get to Huatulco, you can fly either from Oaxaca or Mexico City.