Top Spring Break Destinations in Mexico

Spring Break. The words every student is happy to hear! Spring break is all about partying till dawn and escaping somewhere hot (in all meanings of the word). Soaking up the sun during the day, partying during the night…that’s pretty much the ideal setting for a superb Spring Break!

With the current economy state, the name of the game is “affordable” so the Mexican hot-spots become even more appealing.

1. Cancun

Cancun is (and has always been) the #1 Spring Break destination! in Mexico. What happens in Cancun (generally) stays in Cancun and a lot of hot things happen here. In March and April this strip of beach is filled with students flocking to have fun, drink cocktails and dance the night away.

Looking for a slower-pace fun? Hop on the ferry and go to Cozumel. Or you might want to check out Tulum as well although here don’t expect any nightlife whatsoever.

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2. Acapulco

Maybe Acapulco is not exactly the most glamorous or most famous beach town in Mexico but it’s got a long history of being a lovely beach destination. There are plenty of beaches for you to check out – from the most secluded to the most crowded ones – and the nightlife is something you’d want to experience as well.

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3. Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, with its beautiful mountains overlooking the beaches and blue waters has become a preferred Spring Break Destination for Californians. But the buzz is spreading around so more and more Americans want to come here. The resorts strip is relatively new – has been developed within the last 30 years – and the nightlife is amazing.

Known mostly as a romantic destination, Cabo San Lucas surely can make any student fall in with it and temp anyone into having a Spring Break fling.

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4. Puerto Vallarta

Once a tiny fishing village, Puerto Vallarta is now one of the best places to visit in Mexico and the second most visited beach destination. You’ve got 24 miles of beach to choose from and a quiet little village to explore. The nightlife is something any student wants to experience and the beaches are just perfect. If you want some active time, don’t be shy and try parasailing.

The clubs are open until late at night and you won’t get carded (I’m sure you already know that, don’t you?). You can check out a new club each night of the week and still won’t get bored.

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5. Mazatlan

Mazatlan, the “Pearl of the Pacific,” is a beach resort city with an historic city center right on the beach. It’s less of a party-hearty Spring Break city today than it once was, although it remains a popular tourist destination – and this is where Senor Frog’s began, after all.

Among other perks of a Spring Break spent in Mazatlan, it’s often much cheaper than some of the other cities on this list.

photos: ivanx, The Jamoker, Drpoulette, Arturo B. Mariscal