Things to Do


Colorful, noisy and filled with traditional Mexican food…that’s the shortest description of the Mexican festivals. Whether you prefer the fireworks on Independence Day or the religious celebrations of the Virgin of Guadalupe, you should be prepared for a fantastic display of Mexican traditions and fiesta.

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Mayan Ruins

Ancient mysteries, bloody sacrifices and magnificent structures…all to be seen and explored in Mexico. A visit here should comprise at least a trip to Chichen Itza, the most important Mayan Archeological site in Mexico.

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Shopping in Mexico is very popular among tourists. Considering that Tijuana is just a stone’s throw away from San Diego, no wonder Americans flock here to buy silver jewelry, Mexican traditional items and Cuban cigars.

Don’t miss visiting the markets as a lot of traditional items are available, including ceramics, wool blankets, traditional blouses and dresses.

Malls are very popular in the beach resorts’ area (such as Cancun).

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Water Sports

Mexico doesn’t lack coastal regions and hence the possibility to play water sports is immense. Whether you like to dive, snorkel, jet ski, parasail or just fish, you can enjoy it in Mexico.

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Sporting Events

Sporting events in Mexico obviously mean bullfights! Bullfights are held in many Mexican cities –from November until April- but some of the most popular events take place in Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Tijuana.

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