Things to Do in Cancun

Cancun is a year-round destination , known for the beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, excellent clubs, shopping opportunities…and many more.

If you are on a budget, then consider visiting Cancun outside the high season (December to April). The prices are lower , especially for flights to Cancun and accommodation . Plus, there are still plenty of things to do in Cancun, regardless of when you plan the visit.

Day trip to Chichen Itza

Take your time to explore the ancient capital of the Mayan Empire, located midway between Cancun and Merida. Try to arrive as early as possible (the site opens at 8 a.m.) so that you avoid both the crowds and the heat.

Day trip to Tulum

Another option for those passionate about history and archeological sites is to explore the ancient city of Tulum. The backdrop of the Caribbean Sea along with the site’s location – very close to Cancun – makes it the most visited ancient site in the area.


There are plenty of diving sites off the Yucatan coast and it’s a matter of choosing what you want to see. You can even swim with Whale Sharks and see plenty other species while you explore the waters.

Or you can see the Underwater Sculpture Museum, the newest attraction in Cancun for those passionate about diving. It comprises over 400 life size sculptures. The main goal of the museum is preservation, as new coral reefs will form on each structure.

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Soak up the sun

Just take your time and relax on one of the beaches. The best beaches are occupied by the hotels but they are public property, so you can send your time there. Or, ask around and find some hidden beaches to explore.

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Go Extreme: Zipline Canopy Tour

Close to Cancun you’ll find the largest zipline circuit in North America so if you are passionate about adventure and extreme sports this is a must thing to do. You can book a tour (5 hours) and also includes exploring the jungle for about US$100 per person.

Romantic day on Isla Mujeres

Why not plan a romantic day outside of Cancun and head to Isla Mujeres? Pack a picnic basket for later. Explore the island, take photos at the Mayan Lighthouse and Temple of Ixchel and then relax on a beach. Just perfect.

Go Horseback Riding

Just 40 minutes drive from Cancun, there’s a ranch where you can hire a horse for a 2 hour horseback riding experience in the area. It’s a lovely way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Tours cost US$70 per person.

Take the kids to Xcaret

Xcaret is located about an hour away from Cancun. The ecological park comprises an aquarium museum, sites to snorkel , see animals in their environment, visit a Mayan cemetery or spend your time on a beach.

Shop ‘til you drop

From flea markets to shops of all kinds and malls, if you plan to do some shopping , Cancun is the best location to indulge your senses.

Go clubbing

You shouldn’t wait until Spring Break to go clubbing in Cancun! The most popular spots change every season, but those working at the hotel will give you all the info you need. Or just ask fellow travelers.

Tie the knot

Cancun is a well known honeymoon destination, but if you plan to say “I do”, why not say it here? There are many companies specialized in taking care of all the details, but do ask for recommendations before choosing one.

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Try the real Mexican food

If you are used to the Mexican food cooked in restaurants anywhere else than in Mexico, you’ll have a nice surprise when you get here. Don’t be afraid to try the street food as well. Start with tacos and tamales and then let your imagination go wild (ok, depending on how adventurous your taste buds are).

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