St. Valentine’s Day in Mexico

Día de San Valentin (St. Valentine’s Day) is celebrated in Mexico on February 14. It’s the day of love and friendship when people commonly offer flowers and candy to their romantic partners and friends.

While in most other countries St. Valentine’s is all about celebrating love with our partners, in Mexico you won’t feel left out if you are single. It’s time to celebrate your friends. And it’s a great reason to get your friends together and head somewhere hot.


St. Valentine’s falls right in the middle of the high season. The weather on the coasts is warm, with calm waters and over-crowded resorts.

In Cancun the temperatures vary between an average high of 82F/28C and average low of 68F/20C, just perfect for a vacation.

In the capital, Mexico City, the temperatures range between an average high of 72F / 22C and average low of 46F / 7C, quite nice for sightseeing and romantic walks in the parks.

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Romantic getaways

Finding the perfect beach to soak up the sun together with your loved ones can really make or break your vacation, especially a romantic one. So, at WhyGo Mexico we put together a list of the Best Beaches in Mexico (photos included).

St. Valentine’s is a very popular holiday to get married. If that’s on your plan as well, then you can have your destination wedding in Mexico.

If you already got married and are looking for the perfect honeymoon destination we’ve got some ideas as well. Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas are the top choices among honeymooners but Cancun and Cozumel are also very popular places to spend a romantic vacation.

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Eating out – restaurants and foods worth trying

A romantic night out always involves going out to a restaurant to eat some special dish. The Mexican cuisine is filled with exciting choices so don’t be afraid to try new dishes.

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A little bit of Spanish

A long time ago (in my teens) I used to write down “I love you” in as many languages as possible. There was a bit of a contest between friends about this. Today, I still remember some of those words and manage to (pleasantly) surprise my husband with them.

In Spanish, there are two ways of saying “I love you”, whether you are saying in a more casual, friendly way or with a stronger feeling. “Te quiero” is used among friends and family members but if you want to surprise your significant other, the phrase to use is “Te amo”.