Spring Break in the Riviera Maya

rivmayaThe months of March and April, especially when thought of in conjunction with all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, conjure images of co-eds on Spring Break, tequila drinking binges and wet-t-shirt contests. And if that’s what you’re looking for, you can surely find it. But Mexico’s not all about catering to the wild party crowd. From romantic retreats to resorts that specialize in gourmet cuisine, there’s something in Mexico for every travel style. And one of the most-popular spots to find your perfect Mexico vacation is along the Riviera Maya.

When planning your trip, one of the first things to consider is whether or not to stay at an all-inclusive resort. JoAnna Haugen recently pointed out that there are definitely some pros and cons to all-inclusive trips.

As JoAnna says, the biggest draw of an all-inclusive is that everything is handled for you and there’s no need to worry about pulling out your wallet every time you want to eat or drink. For a traveler whose biggest concern is simply relaxing, this can be a huge perk. You may feel like you can’t, or at least shouldn’t, leave the property since everything is paid for, but when figured on a per day basis, many all-inclusive vacation packages are so cheap that you can enjoy several off-property meals and not blow your budget.

One of the most-popular spots for a beach vacation – all-inclusive or not – in Mexico is the Riviera Maya. Home to dozens of beautiful resorts, a bustling city with great nightlife and delicious restaurants, plus a stunning sandy beach, it’s no wonder why the area is so many people’s version of paradise. The closest airport to the Riviera Maya is Cancun and cheap flights to Cancun are available from most major cities in the Midwest, South, Southwest and East Coast. If you’re flying from other areas, you may be routed through a hub like Dallas, Chicago, or Miami.

Other than soaking up the sun on the beach, there are plenty of activities for nearly every interest. Explore the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, shop for handmade crafts at the open-air market, snorkel, sail, or take a cooking class to learn how to make local specialties. A visit to the Riviera Maya can be as active, or as relaxed, as you want.

Photo by Franklin Tello