Spring Break in Acapulco

Each year, students from all over the United States wait for the famous Spring Break. Or should we say the infamous partying which goes hand in hand with the Spring Break vacations?

Spring Break 2011 takes place in mid-March so it’s time to star planning your getaway. The warm weather destinations – the Caribbean, Mexico or Southern USA – are very popular among the students. And spending the Spring Break in Acapulco is both fun and…indulgent.

Acapulco has always been considered a high end Mexican holiday spot; however, it is easy to find affordable hotels in Acapulco , especially if you start looking for accommodation ahead of time. You can find rooms in 3-star hotels for just $56 per night (double room in March). Or , if you travel with a group of friends, look for apartments to rent. It’s cheaper than a hotel room but you need to account for the cost of dining out or cooking the food yourselves.

Also, make sure to book a cheap flight to Acapulco ahead of time, although you might be surprised to find excellent last minute deals.

We all know that the whole point of the Spring Break is to drink and party 24/7 but when you manage to have some time for yourself, watch the world-famous cliff divers of La Quebrada. The site is absolutely amazing as divers jump from a 140-foot cliff into the water. And if you want to work on your fitness level while on vacation, it’s definitely worth it to scuba dive. The submerged statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe is worth your time. And the girls will find out that shopping here is a true delight.

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