Spending a Romantic Getaway in Cancun

cancun-beach-dec-28No matter how long you’ve been with your significant other, small gestures like planning a romantic holiday always make them smile and strengthen the relationship. If you are in the States, you really don’t need to break your budget to get to Paris for that perfect romantic getaway. Cancun is a much better choice especially when winter sets in the Northern Hemisphere.

Planning your budget: flight and accommodation

The high season in Cancun lasts between mid-December until end of March so St. Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of it. In short, everyone who wants to come to Cancun will probably come during this time of the year. The flights to Cancun fill up quickly so you should consider booking in advance and making sure to check out the special offers as well.

Depending on where you are heading to, Mexico hotels range from very cheap to expensive. Of course, it does depend a lot on your budget and what you expect from staying in a hotel. If you are on a backpacking trip, budget hotels are perfect.

But if you want to impress your loved one, you should look for hotels in Cancun which offer nice amenities and a romantic mood.

Romantic things to do in Cancun

Go horseback riding. Double points if you manage to do it on the beach, at sunset. There’s something magical about enjoying the azure waters and the company of your loved one. Stop for a romantic picnic and to take a dip in the water.

Swimming with the dolphins might sound as an activity reserved for the kids. But grown ups can have fun too.

A day trip visiting Chichen Itza might not be everyone’s ideal of a romantic way to spend time together. But taking a break from the resort routine and the beach activities is a nice way to set a new pace for your vacation and to create beautiful memories.

If you want to stay close to Cancun but want to explore some other place, go to Isla Mujeres. The snorkeling opportunities are excellent and there are quite a few other things to do here including checking out some sights.

If you feel adventurous, you can always try a speedboat tour or an ATV tour through jungle and mangrove. Of course, it does depend on whether your significant other would like such a getaway.

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