September in Mexico City

sept-mexico-citySeptember is a lovely month to visit Mexico City if you plan to attend the Independence Day festivities, watch a soccer game or just enjoy the city. Do plan for some rainy days and bring appropriate clothing.

Weather & Temperatures

September is the last wet month in Mexico City so plan for some rainy experiences. However, the rain falls mainly in the afternoon so you can plan all your outdoor activities in the morning.

The average high temperature is 73F/22C while the average low is 55F/12C, so make sure to pack appropriate clothing. Don’t forget the rain gear either.

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Things to do

You can start your vacation with visiting the historic sites in Mexico City . These can easily keep you busy for several mornings. Do make sure to plan your outdoor activities before afternoon though, as you probably won’t want to stay out in the rain.

Another good idea is to check out the markets, pick up some goodies for a picnic and then visit the Chapultepec Castle and Park . Of course there are restaurants here but it’s cheaper and more fun to pick the food yourself (plus you get to learn a bit more about the culture that way). If you travel with the kids, make sure not to miss the zoo, the botanical garden and the amusement park.

September 15 marks the Prelude to Independence Day when the Mexican president re-enact Father Hidalgo’s 1810 grito in the Zocalo. If you plan to attend make sure to be equipped for a “war” of eggs and flour (a local tradition). The next day, September 16, is Independence Day when a military parade takes place in the Zocalo. It’s a public holiday so everything is closed.

And you’d probably want to check out at least some of restaurants in Mexico City . They do cater for pretty much any budget but the less touristy the place, the better chances to find something authentic.

If you prefer to escape the city for a little while, the Pyramids of Teotihuacan are located close to Mexico City (1 hr by road) and are some of the most interesting Mayan ruins in the area. Do make sure to bring some rain gear and good walking shoes.

Arriving in Mexico City in September

The most popular way to get to Mexico City is via a flight . Many US carriers offer great deals on flights to Mexico City. And since September is still off-season, you won’t need to worry much about crowded planes. Still, you’d probably want to fly mid-week to save even more on the airfare.

Where to stay in Mexico City in September

Accommodation in Mexico City is, indeed, for any budget. You’ll soon realize that places to stay range from cheap, such as hostels , to affordable and downright expensive. Hotels also cater for pretty much all budgets but it depends a lot on where you choose to stay and what facilities you must have. As a general rule, the closer to the city center, the more expensive a room would be (no matter the number of stars the hotel has).

Photo credit: Blacknell on Flickr