Restaurants in Mexico City

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you need to eat. And most often after couple meals at the hotel’s restaurant you are probably getting bored and want something else. The Mexican cuisine is one of the most complex in the world, rivaled only by the Chinese and French cuisines. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what Mexico City has to offer.

Tipping, paying, parking and other things you need to know

If you are dining in a high end restaurant, valet parking is common and the norm. The valets are trained to list all the valuables you leave in the car so both parties know what should be there when you pick the car after your meal.

The credit cards are accepted at all major restaurants but make sure to ask if you can pay with the card. They will bring the card reader at the table so you are sure there can’t be any fraudulent activities.

In most places though you’ll have to pay with cash and make sure to leave at least 10% tip. The American influence is felt though and many people leave around 15% tip nowadays. The service is generally very good and since the prices are affordable you can tip a bit more.

Worth trying

La Valentina

The restaurant has three locations: Polanco, Insurgentes Sur and Interlomas. The restaurant is the best for business and pleasure. At any given time you’ll find plenty of foreigners doing businesses here so you won’t feel like you don’t belong in the setting (even if you don’t do any business). The food is excellent and out of the three locations, the first is probably the nicest, as it’s located in an upscale mall. The bar is also a must visit location as it offers a huge variety of tequila and live music.

Prices: main courses US$15-US$35

Hacienda de los Morales

Located in Polanco in a fantastic building and garden, it’s the best place to eat some traditional Mexican food like mole chicken. In the evenings the setting is very romantic and can be a perfect place for a romantic dinner. The selection of dishes is diverse and provides some of the best Mexican dishes you can find. The restaurant is formal and reservations are required.

Prices: main courses US$20-US$40

See photo top right.

La Opera

The capital’s most well known cantina is located in the historical center. The live Mexican music makes it a really interesting place. You’ll see anyone here from romantic couples to business people. The prices are low but the food is excellent.

Prices: Main courses US$4-US$20


This chic and new restaurant prides to have Patricia Quintana as head chef. She is one of Mexico’s most famous cookbook writers and her dishes, although traditional Mexican, are made in a new style. There are only 19 tables in the restaurant so make sure to make a reservation even if you are going just for lunch.

Prices: Main courses US$21-US$55

Caballo Bayo

If you want to listen to Mariachi music, head here during the weekend. Everyone is toasted on tequila and the place is a riot if you like this kind of dining and fun.