Cancun resortAlmost every beach destination in Mexico has resorts and activity centers where you can relax and enjoy the perfect vacation. But that means you have to select among a huge number of resorts, which can be time consuming.

We are here to help you. Here’s a small guide to Mexican resorts and details about some of the most popular places to spend your vacation.

What you need to know

First thing you need to know is that different resorts offer different facilities and activities, which depend on the location. Most vacationers arrive at the resort and pretty much spend the entire vacation there, as the resorts offer a lot of activities. But, there is much more to Mexico than that.

If you plan to explore the Mayan ruins while spending time in a Mexican resort, head to the resorts located in the Yucatan and Quintana Roo states. These resorts offer day trips to the Mayan archeological sites. Obviously other adventures can also be part of the vacation package.

Most of the resorts, no matter where they are located, offer the possibility to practice water sports, such as water skiing or parasailing. Boat rides and fishing are also popular and offered by most resorts.

Most popular resorts

Without a doubt, the most popular resort destination in Mexico is Cancun. Most of the resorts here are 4 star, 5 star or premium (luxury) resorts. At a 4 star all inclusive resort expect to pay between US$120 and US$260 per night per room, depending on the room type. All rooms offer AC, plasma TV, king size bed and beautiful view.

Puerto Vallarta is the second most visited resorts area in Mexico. The area is popular both among foreign travelers and Mexicans. AcapulcoLocated at the foot of Sierra Madre mountains, the adventure activities are most often part of the vacation packages. Luxury resorts are just as popular as the boutique hotels or B&Bs. At a 4 star resort expect to pay between US$130 and US$220 per night per room, depending on the room type. Make sure to ask if AC is included or not in the room price.

Acapulco is another popular Mexican resort destination. Both the “old town”, really popular among the rich and famous, and the new developed Punto Diamante attract tourists like a magnet. You will find accommodation pretty much for any budget. At a 4 star resort expect to pay about US$200 per night per room. Make sure to ask if the AC is included in the room price.