Pubela is definitely the most charming and charismatic Colonial City in Mexico. It is home to a lovely Cathedral and also the birth place of Mole and Chile Poblano. It is the city where on May 5th, 1862 the French troops where defeated and during Cinco de Mayo many celebrations take place here.

Location and how to get there

The city is located in Valley of Puebla and is surrounded on all sides by volcanoes. It’s at 130 km / 80 miles SE from Mexico City. The majority of travelers arrive in Puebla by bus from Mexico City


The temperature doesn’t vary much from month to month and it’s moderated by the altitude. However, the area also experiences the dry season during winter and the wet season during summer (May to October).


Apr avg high 74F/23C; avg low 56F/13C
Dec avg high 63F/17C; avg low 48F/8C

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What to do

Navigating around the city can be extremely frustrating as the public transport is private and you cannot obtain maps of any route. Taxis are a good and safe alternative but if you want to explore the place, they aren’t exactly the best choice. So that leaves walking…a lot of walking!

Due to being so close to Mexico City, many travelers choose to visit Puebla as a part of a day trip from the capital. The Historical Center can be easily navigated by foot and there are plenty of tourist landmarks around the Zocalo. The Historical Center has been designated a UNESCO Heritage Site. The most impressive building is , without a doubt, the Cathedral (see photo right). The cathedral is located in Centro y Zócalo (Downtown). Here you can also find Palacio Municipal.

If you want to see some vintage cars, make sure to visit the Automobile Museum. Among the rare collections you can even see the “Popemobil”, used by John Paul II when he visited Mexico.

Remember the volcanoes we talked about? You should go to the National Park on Popocatepetl and spend a day hiking or even camp.

You must try the local street food. Puebla is the birth place of two important Mexican dishes and is a lovely place to grab some nice Mexican food. All food general cost at most US$1.50 so for the budget traveler it’s heaven on Earth.

And speaking of budget, you won’t pay too much on accommodation either. There are several real hostels as well as budget hotels where you can sleep for as little as US$12 a night.

Safety tips

  • Always buy bottled water. No one in the city drinks the tap water.
  • If you buy raw vegetables from the market, make sure to peel them before eating them or you wash them really well (with bottled water if possible).
  • Try to look less touristy: avoid wearing a backpack, shorts and the camera in full view. Try to blend in and you won’t have any problems.
  • Speaking Spanish is a really good asset in this town.

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