Paradise and Perfection are in the eye of the beholder

mexico-paradise-feb-9We often hear that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Those who are not confident use it as the ultimate explanation of their failures in love while those who know their assets, proudly laugh at the statement.

Each and everyone of us has a set of expectations, whether it’s related to life, work, love or travel. We want things to be perfect but settle for less than perfect because we know that absolute truth and perfection don’t exist.

When we travel, we search for paradise. In terms of marketing, defining paradise has become synonymous with deserted islands, powdery beaches and a place where we can leave the world behind and, ideally, indulge in everything we want to do… and have that perfect someone by our side, sipping an exotic cocktail with us.

Paradise? Perfection? Maybe so! Suffice to do a short survey in your group of friends and you are bound to hear more than half of them saying that their idea of paradise is linked to some tropical destination. And if you are expecting a confession – yes, I’m guilty!

Mexico can surely be paradise, especially when we want to just leave the cold weather behind and indulge in everything we cannot get at home. Luckily enough, with some careful planning cheap tickets to Mexico are not that hard to find even during the high season. Just keep your eyes open and you’ll find many special offers to get you to paradise without the hell linked to budget planning.

The same if valid for finding cheap hotels in Mexico , regardless of the time of the year when you travel. Plan ahead for the best rates but be adventurous enough to grab the last minute offers and head out the door on the spur of the moment.

And don’t expect perfection. Settle for what satisfies you and not your preconceptions of what paradise and perfection should be.

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