October in Mexico City

october-in-mcWith the rainy season drawing to the end and the air pollution at its lowest, October is probably the best month to visit Mexico City . You can check out the sights, watch a soccer game or attend some concerts.

Weather & Temperatures

In terms of weather, October might just be one of the best months to visit Mexico City. It’s not rainy anymore and the temperatures are low enough to allow for sightseeing. The air pollution is really low and the entire city is green.

The average high temperature in Mexico City in October is 73F/22C, while the average low is 52F/11C. Make sure to pack appropriate clothing especially if you plan to spend the evenings out.

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Things to do

The weather is excellent for sightseeing so you can check out the historic sites in Mexico City during the first couple of days. When you get tired, make sure to check out the restaurants in Mexico City , but it’s also advisable to look for small places located away from the tourist paths.

Dedicate an entire day – if not two – to visiting the Chapultepec Castle and Park . There’s a zoo on site, as well as an amusement park. You can pack lunch and enjoy a day in the nature (although there are restaurants in the park).

Arriving in Mexico City in October

The most popular way to get to the capital is via a flight to Mexico . Many US carriers offer great deals on flights to Mexico City and since October is still off-season, you won’t need to worry much about crowded planes.

Where to stay in Mexico City in October

Accommodation in Mexico City is for any budget and you’ll soon realize that places to stay range from cheap, for example hostels , to affordable and downright expensive. Hotels also cater for pretty much all budgets but it depends a lot on where you choose to stay and what facilities you must have.