Now it’s time to spend your vacation in Cancun

cancun-sunsetCancun is one of those vacation destinations which can be visited year round. There isn’t a “best time to visit” when it comes to coming here. But you might want to avoid the months when everyone is flocking here: from December until March.

August and September are, typically, the months when the cheapest deals can be found. Why? Both months fall during the off-season when the hoteliers are struggling to get tourists. More so, this year because of the swine flu, the Mexican destinations suffered a lot from lack of tourists.

So if you want to surprise that special someone or just need a break from work, why not pack your bags and head to Cancun?

Getting here

The easiest way to get to Cancun is by plane. There’s an airport serving the city and it receives flights to Cancun from the majority of large US cities.

For example, a round trip flight from Miami to Cancun starts at $250 per person, if you plan to fly in September. The flight takes only 1 hour 40 minutes. In fact, if you do a little research you’ll soon realize that it’s cheaper to fly into Miami and then catch a connecting to Cancun rather than flying from the biggest city near you directly into Cancun.

Where to stay

Cancun is filled with a lot of beautiful beaches and a lot of places to stay as well. Choosing among the hotels and resorts in Cancun is mostly a matter of budget. If you plan your vacation during the off-season, you can easily find great deals.

For example, in September prices start at $288 pp for 7-nights. The offer is valid for an all inclusive package in a 3-star hotel. If you prefer a 4-stars resort, close to downtown, the prices start at $377 pp for 7-nights based on an all-inclusive plan.

What to do

It is quite cliché to mention Cancun along with the beach activities. But here we go. Everything in Cancun is centered on the beaches. Needless to say, Cancun is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico . Also you can find the best places to snorkel and dive in Mexico close to Cancun.

If you need a break from the beach, plan to visit Chichen Itza . It the most visited site in the Yucatan peninsula so plan for crowds no matter when you go. Make sure to wear good walking shoes and bring plenty of water.

Photo credit: zaxl4 on Flickr