November in Mexico

November in Mexico is what we can call “shoulder season”: the weather is milder, the hurricane season is about to end but the crowds are not yet here as the high season hasn’t officially started yet. The month debuts with the Day of the Dead and continues with a lot of festivals and events guaranteed to fascinate you.

Weather and temperatures

November is one of the best months to visit Mexico. The temperatures are starting to get milder and just perfect for sightseeing. The hurricane season is almost over – statistically most of the storms occur between August and October – so the chances for a storm to hit are minimal. Plus the prices are not yet climbing so you can still enjoy affordable airfare and accommodation .


Acapulco avg low 75F/23C; avg high 89F/31C

Cancun avg low 72F/22C ; avg high 84F/28C

Cozumel avg low 71F/21C; avg high 83F/28C

Guadalajara avg low 48F/8C; avg high 79F/26C

Mexico City avg low 48F/8C; avg high 72F/22C

Monterrey avg low 56F/13C; avg high 75F/23C

Puebla avg low 50F/10C; avg high 67F/19C

Puerto Vallarta avg low 68F/20C; avg high 85F/29C

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What to do: festivals and events

The month debuts with the Day of the Dead – October 31 – November 2 – which celebrates the life of the departed. Celebrations take place all over Mexico and are unique in each area.

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If you happen to be in Cancun between November 3 and 9 you can attend the Cancun Film Festival. The second edition of the festival will feature movies and documentaries by both renowned and new filmmakers.

Between November 6 and 9, the Rocky Point Rally takes place in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. It’s an event which raises money for charity. This year the events include bike competitions, stunt shows and of course, parties.

If you are fascinated by the Mexican folk art, don’t miss the Maestros del Arte Folk Art Festival, which takes place in Chapala, Jalisco, between November 7 and 9. You can find here folk art of all kind, from ceramics to silver jewelry. It’s one of the best places to pick up some interesting and authentic souvenirs.

The International Gourmet Festival takes place in Puerto Vallarta between November 13 and 23. The festival is quite old (this is the 14th year) and participants take cooking classes, learn about the wines, taste the wines and generally enjoy the cuisine.

Looking for something colorful? The International Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place in Leon, Guanajuato between November 14 and 17. There are contests and exhibitions and of course, concerts.

November 20 marks the Revolution Day (Día de la Revolucion) which celebrates the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Watch the parades no matter in what city you will be although the biggest and most interesting parade takes place in Mexico City .

Fancy some off road action? Come to the Off-Road Desert Race which takes place in Ensenada, Baja California, between November 20 and 23. It’s very popular among tourists and is considered the most prestigious event of this kind.

Like to read books in Spanish? Then go to the Guadalajara International Book Fair which takes place between November 29 and December 7. It’s the largest Spanish language book festival in the world and a great place to pick up some of the books you might want in your collection.