November in Cancun

nov-cancunNovember marks the end of the rainy season and the start of the dry one, and hence the return of the tourist hoards. Cancun is a beach destination year round and tourists hardly care about the possible storms. In November though, you can also check out a film festival or the colorful Day of the Dead celebrations.

Weather & Temperatures

The weather in November in Cancun starts to be drier with the chances of rain decreasing. The temperatures drop slightly as well so the evenings and mornings are little colder than the months before. The average high temperature is 87F/28C while the average low is 72F/22C.

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Events & Things to Do

Although the weather is not as hot as during the previous months, it’s still great for sunbathing. So make sure to pack your swim suit and sunscreen and head to the beaches. If you get too bored of soaking up the sun, you can swim or practice other water sports.

For a day trip you can choose Isla Mujeres . You can visit the temple and lighthouse or go snorkeling.

Or you can plan to visit Chichen Itza , located close by. Make sure to bring good walking shoes, a lot of water and arrive early (before the crowds and the heat).

The first two days of November mark All Saints Day and The Day of the Dead . Colorful celebrations sprinkled with skeleton-shaped sweets are displayed around the city to celebrate the deceased lives. The Day of the Dead (Nov 2) is a national holiday so everything will be closed.

Cancun International Film Festival takes place in mid November. If you are passionate about movies you can watch both international and Latin American movies at cinemas around the city.

How to get to Cancun in November

The majority of travelers come to Cancun by plane and with the return of the dry weather, the flights start to get crowded . Many US carriers offer flights to Mexico so you just need to look for the best offer to suit your needs.

Where to stay in Cancun in November

November marks the start of the dry season and hence, the start of the tourist season. Prices start to go up some but you can still find affordable places to stay. If you are on a low budget, a very good choice is to check out the hostels near downtown Cancun , especially if you don’t care much about facilities (other than shower and WC).

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, there are plenty of hotels in Cancun to choose from. Look for special offers if you got your eyes on a particular resort.

Photo credit: Manuel Canela on Flickr