Night Life in Mexico City

Mexico City is constantly buzzing with activities and is a great place to go out, day or night. Whatever your style or preference, you are sure to find something suited to your mood. Blues, discos, hard core metal bands, jazz and salsa dancing are some of the things you will find during a night out on the town in here. With virtually unlimited options, enjoy the night life is certainly one of the most popular things to do in Mexico City.


Insurgentes Sur 377

This is one of the city’s hip bars where you can expect to drink martinis to the beat of techno and electronic music.

Celtics Condesa
Tamaulipas 36

Featuring Irish and British music, this bar is located in a posh area of Mexico City called Condena. This is a great place to hang out with friends, chat, and have a few drinks.

Black Out

This is a hip bar in the Zona Rosa that has no cover charge, has reasonable prices and offers food as well. The name of this bar probably comes from the décor…. Black drapes, mirrors and lighting techniques make this a very elite atmosphere, with the third floor dedicated to VIP members only.

Hotel Habita
Avenida Presidente Masaryk 201

This is a beautiful place if you are looking for a spectacular view of the city, but if you’re on a tight budget, this isn’t the place to go. Since Hotel Habita is full of famous people, the drinks are a little overpriced, so be willing to spend a little more here.

Avenida Presidente Masaryk 407

Here you can expect to find disco music on the weekends and a lively crowd.


rsz_drink_by_smileygeekgirlsphotosptreamMama Rumba
Queretaro 230

If you’re looking for an opportunity to brush up on your cumbia or salsa dancing skills, don’t feel shy… Mama Rumba is a great place to show your talent or observe others!

Mauna Loa
Avenida San Jeronimo 240

This is a popular Polynesian night club famous for its exotic floor show and variety of music. Be ready to dance on this cultural endeavor.

Revolucion 2015

At the Circus, you can let the animal in you run wild. Held under a circus tent with colorful lights, this party offers dance pop music where you can move to the beat and get a feel for what it means to be at the circus.

Local 1

Classic here means music from the 80s in both Spanish and English. If you’re looking for a chance to reminisce and bring back those great times, Classico is the place to go.

Francisco Pimentel 78

This is the place to go for salsa dancing. Bring your partner and show everyone in the crowd how to dance! Not ready for that yet? Sit back and enjoy observing the couples on the dance floor while sipping on a martini.

Live Music

Auditorio Nacional
Miguel Hidalgo

Here you will find a variety of international and national bands, which will give you a more complete view, of what rock really is.

New Orleans Jazz
Avenida Revolucion 1655

This is a classic jazz bar where you will experience a variety of talented musicians.

Bar Jorongo
Inside Sheraton Hotel

This is one of the hottest spots in town and is noted for its mariachi music. Here you will find an authentic feel for being in Mexico while having fun with friends!

Kings British Pub
Arquimides 31

Here you can enjoy a variety of beers from around the world while listening to live music mostly from Britain or a DJ with an international spin. This is a relaxed atmosphere where you can chat with friends and enjoy the beats.

Bulldog Café
Rubens 6

This place is historically known as the Rock and Roll House and has hosted international rock bands such as Guns n’ Roses and Poison, in addition to national bands.

Going Out Safe

rsz_drink_by_rickAlthough Mexico City is bustling with life, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you wander the streets of the largest city in Mexico at night. First of all, it is safest to take a cab to your destination instead of walking but I recommend that you call a cab from your hotel instead of wave one down on the street.

This ensures that the cab is from a licensed cab company, whereas anyone could pick you up when flagging down a cab. Also, don’t forget to ask the price before you even get into a cab. This way you will avoid any surprises when you get to your destination and have a 400 peso cab fare to pay.

Second, carry a minimal amount of cash and belongings. I recommend bringing the amount of money you think you’ll spend and a backup, like a debit card, for any unexpected expenses. There is no need for you to bring a huge purse with all of your personal belongings to a bar. Leave them at the hotel in the safe if you’re worried about them.

Third, be prepared for high a cover charge if you are going to a popular place, especially if a band is playing or it is a disco. Sometimes ladies can get in for free before a certain hour, so research the place before you go. Also, many people in Mexico go out very late. They might start out the night at 11 p.m. or midnight and head home during the wee hours of the morning.

Also, people are very image conscious and it is not uncommon for someone to be turned away from a night club if he or she doesn’t fit the profile (due to fashion trends, etc.). If you or someone in your group is rejected from a place, keep your calm and move on. There are better times waiting ahead of you!

Finally, if you want to research your options before you go out, check out Tiempo Libre available online or in newsstands. If you want information in English, look for The News, an English-language newspaper that has a small weekend guide.

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