New Year’s Eve in Mexico

While sun, sand and palm trees may not immediately make you jump to thoughts of New Year’s Eve celebrations, I can imagine few better ways to ring in the New Year than by celebrating on a beach (a beverage with tequila would also be a lovely addition). Much like in other Catholic countries like France, New Year’s Eve in Mexico is usually celebrated over a long meal which is followed by parties, fireworks and festivities.

New Year’s in Mexico is a particularly colorful affair, and no matter where you find yourself in the country, you will be surrounded by brightly colored decorations and fireworks.


  • In Mexico, it is traditional to eat twelve grapes as the clock strikes midnight, making sure to eat each grape as you make a new wish for the New Year.
  • Mexico New Year’s traditions also involve wearing red underwear in hope of new love or prosperity in love for the next year.
  • Those that hope to have good luck financially in the new year, wear yellow.
  • If you are hoping for a future trip pr travels in the New Year, many Mexicans traditionally will take their luggage for a walk around the block for good luck.

Celebrations around Mexico

Mexico City

There is a large street festival in Mexico City, and from the city’s main square Zocalo the route to the Palacio de Bellas Artes will be closed to traffic. Along the closed streets, stages will be erected and in the evening hours bands will play, food will be served and revelers will fill the streets (drink in hand) to ring in the new year. At midnight there is also a fireworks show, followed by partying until the wee hours of the morning. Because this large event happens in Latin America’s largest city, this party has a New York Times Square feel to it, and there will be camera crews, major Latin American television and music stars will be in attendance. If you plan on hanging out here on New Years, it’s recommended you get there early to stake out a good spot.


Known as a big party destination, Cancun will certainly be alive with festive spirit on this holiday. Starting at sunset, tourists and locals will be flocking into the clubs and onto the beach to drink, listen to some of Mexico’s best DJs and ring in the new year. With parties spilling out onto the beaches, revelers are sure not to be disappointed with the New Year’s festivities in this resort town.

Puerto Vallarta

This beach resort town will also be alive with activity on New Year’s Eve, with DJs spinning jams in the clubs, restaurants hosting special events and parties will spill out onto the beaches with fireworks displays at midnight and partying until dawn sure to follow.