May in Cancun

May in Cancun marks the start of the hot weather although the weather is still quite dry. For those who don’t like the heat that much, shopping is a great alternative to spending the day on the beach. Or you can spend a lot of time in the resort’s facilities (perfect time for a spa treatment!)

Weather & temperatures

May marks the start of the scorching hot weather in Cancun. Average daytime high temperatures are around 31C/88F but higher temperatures have been recorded. During the night, expect an average low of 25C/77F. Sporadic showers can be expected but May is in general a rather dry month.

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Events & Things to go

May 1 marks Labor Day all over Mexico. All public offices are closed.

Mother’s Day in Mexico is on May 10 and although it’s not a holiday, many locals take the day off (or half day off) to organize special events for their mothers. Expect the restaurants to be rather crowded.

During the month of May (dates vary from year to year), if you are a Jazz fan you can enjoy incredible music at the Cancun Jazz Festival.

The weather might be a bit too hot for enjoying an entire day on the beach so plan for such activities either early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Practicing water sports reduces the heat you feel but make sure to protect your skin and head properly.

If you want to visit the Mayan ruins make sure to arrive early in the morning to avoid the heat. Chichen Itza is located at about 2 hours from Cancun.

Shopping can be a nice break from the heat. Enjoy a day searching from bargains in the numerous shops.

Don’t forget to check out the restaurants and enjoy the local cuisine (or pretty much any other cuisine from French to Italian and American). And during the night, make sure to check out the incredible night clubs and dance the night away.

How to get to Cancun in May

Cancun is served by its own airport so the easiest way to get here is on a flight . Many US airlines serve Cancun so you just need to look for the best airfare.

Where to stay in Cancun in May

In May, many resorts offer special prices for the tourists so if you have your eyes on a certain resort, make sure to check their website or search for info online. Of course you can also choose a less expensive hotel or even a hostel . The accommodation prices tend to be lower than during the height of the season.

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