March in Cancun

March is the time of the spring break. Thanks to the lovely warm weather in Cancun , more and more students flock here for a relaxed vacation. It’s also the time to see the incredible serpent shadow on the temple of Kulkulkan during Spring Equinox.


Generally speaking, the weather in Cancun during March is warm with low precipitation. The temperatures range between the average high of 84F/29C and average low of 71F/22C.

Although rain is not common in March, when it happens you should expect it around 3 p.m. so that can interfere bit with your beach schedule.

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During the high season accommodation can be quite expensive, but careful planning allows anyone to pay less for they stay. Also, choosing one of the hotels known for their discounts is a very good idea to save some money.

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Getting to Cancun in March

The best choice is to catch a flight directly into Cancun’s airport. Avoid flying during the weekend and try to book your flight in advance.

Things to do

Thanks to the warm weather, the main activities are centered on the beach. Tourists swim, soak up the sun or enjoy the water sports.

After a day on the beach and enjoying the lovely weather, you can experience the incredible cuisine in one of lovely restaurants.

If the beach and restaurants tired you by the end of the stay, there’s always the possibility to relax while doing some bargain shopping either in the markets or in the sparkling malls.

The Carnival usually falls in the first part of March. It’s the local version of the pre-Ash Wednesday event and comprises street parties complete with food, different events and generally an atmosphere of fun and party all over the town.

Chichen Itza is located close to Cancun which means you can play a day trip to visit the incredible ruins. March 21 marks the Spring Equinox when the Temple of Kulkulkan is home to an incredible (natural) play of light and shadow which shows a serpent descending the stairs.

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