January in Mexico

In the Yucatan Peninsula and Baja California Peninsula, January falls right in the middle of the high tourist season, while in the rest of Mexico, the weather is surprisingly different but that doesn’t meant tourists are not flocking to visit the country.


Northern Mexico is a desert region and the cooler months do experience low temperatures which can drop below freezing. In higher areas the weather is mild year round, just excellent for experiencing nature. Central Mexico experiences cold mornings and nights in January so make sure to pack accordingly. Southern Mexico (including Mexico City) has a similar climate to Central Mexico but do note that the higher up you go, the colder it will be.

Yucatan Peninsula offers excellent weather for sunbathing. The high season just started in December and lasts until May. Expect some high prices but with careful planning you can find good deals for a vacation here.

Baja California Peninsula also has great weather in January. Actually except the “rainy season” in September, the weather here is always nice.

Some sample temperatures:

  • Acapulco avg high 87F/30C ; avg low 72F/22C

  • Cancun avg high 81F/27C ; avg low 67F/19C

  • Cozumel avg high 82F/27C ; avg low 68F/20C

  • Mexico City avg high 70F/21C; avg low 45F/7C

  • Puerto Vallarta avg high 80F/26C; avg low 62F/16C


Please note that on New Year’s Day most (if not all) stores and business are closed.

There are several big airports in Mexico so flying is the best option. You can catch a flight into Mexico City or Cancun, depending on where you want to vacation. Sometimes it’s cheaper to fly into the capital and then take a domestic flight or bus to your destination.

Unless you are heading to the beach destinations, you won’t need to worry about booking your hotel in advance. And if you budget is a bit tight, you can always choose hostel.

What to do

If you are heading to the coastal areas, it’s obvious that your main activities will be related to the beach: soaking up the sun, swimming, playing water sports, enjoying the weather and the nature.

If you are heading to the cities, you can plan to experience some of the festivals which take place in January all over Mexico. And it is known that festivals here are colorful and an amazing experience.

Kings Day (Dia de Reyes) is celebrated on January 6 and it’s the day when children receive gifts. In the religious calendar the day is known as Epiphany, the 12th day after Christmas. Make sure to taste Rosca de Reyes, a sweet bread with fruits on top and a baby Jesus figuring inside.

January Festival takes place in Chiapa de Corzo between January 8 and 24. It is a religious festival during which the people dance in the streets wearing colorful outfits and masks.

Leon State Fair takes place in Leon, Guanajuato, between January 11 and February 5, marking the town’s anniversary. Concerts, exhibitions and mechanical rides are among the not-to-miss activities.

Feast Day of Santa Prisca takes place on January 17 and 18 in Taxco, when the city celebrates its patron saint.

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