January in Cancun

Blessed with a tropical weather, Cancun appeals to hordes of tourists who want to enjoy the warm weather and explore the Mexican culture. For many Americans, Cancun is the best location to get married in Mexico and then spend a romantic honeymoon in one of the incredible resorts.


On any typical January morning in Cancun you can expect temperatures to be 67.6 F / 20 C when you wake up and 79.7 F / 26.5 C by early afternoon. By early evening it should be around 74.2 F / 23 C. This is the perfect tropical weather everyone loves once they get here. Rain is pretty much never heard of in January. The average number of rainy days is just 5 and even when it rains, it usually happens in the early morning or at night hence not interfering with your daily schedule.


Avg high 81 F/27 C
Avg low 67 F/19 C

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Things to do

The beaches are the number one reason travelers flock to Cancun. The Caribbean Sea is warm all the time and generally very calm. A huge variety of sports can be practiced including volleyball, snorkeling and parasailing. Topless bathing is relatively accepted but nudity is illegal.

Cancun is all about sea and sand and everything that goes with them. In case you are after a nude beach or resort, here you can find the only all inclusive resort in Mexico which is aimed just at adults.

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There are excellent places to relax close to Cancun as well. Isla Mujeres is close by and perfect for a day trip. There are excellent beaches to check out and even some interesting ruins.

After that much sun, you are probably in need for a shopping therapy. Cancun boasts not only superb malls, where you can find everything you want, but also some incredible open air markets. The experience is not only relaxing but also excellent for bargain shopping.

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The religious holidays play an important part in the Mexican culture. January 6 marks Epiphany. Traditionally on this day, the cake called Rosca de Reyes is served. It is baked with a small doll inside and the lucky person who finds the doll must invite everyone at the table to drink hot chocolate and eat tamales in February (during Candlemas).

If you are fascinated by the Mayan civilization , you can enjoy recreations of ancient Mayan festivals during the entire month of January. The event, called “Mayan Village Show” takes place at Xcaret Park and includes jungle walks.

During the entire month of January, you can watch bullfights in Cancun. They take place weekly in Plaza de Toros.

Getting to Cancun in January

Cancun is served by an airport, which means there are direct flights available into the city. Since we are talking about the high season, it’s a good idea to book your flight in advance.

Where to Stay

Cancun offers plenty of resorts for pretty much any budget. Of course, there are also cheaper hotels to choose from in case your budget is a little tight.

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