How About a Vacation in Cancun?

Cancun is an exciting vacation destination year-round. Although in June and July it’s likely to experience showers every day and the temperature keeps rising, you shouldn’t avoid the area during summer. Plus, since technically it’s the low season, the flights and accommodation are cheaper than during the peak travel times.

Cancun is an excellent destination for those who want a romantic getaway. Even if you don’t choose a very romantic setting for the hotel, you can plan amazing walks on the beach or watch the sunset together.

Mexico hotels range from very cheap to very expensive and it’s up to you and your personal preferences to choose the right one. But do remember that during the low season you’ll be able to grab deals at many hotels in Cancun which otherwise are very expensive.

If you plan a getaway by the end of June, you can find rooms at $55 per night, right in the heart of Cancun. And of course, there’s AC and open air pool. Cheaper rooms are also available in various locations in town. If you choose a beachfront hotel, expect to pay from $66 per night.

As for scoring affordable flights to Cancun , you really don’t need to worry much or spend too much time browsing for offers. Round trip flights from New York start at $402 (on Mexicana) and from $358 if you fly from Miami (on American Airlines).

Aside from spending time on the beach and trying diving or snorkeling, you can also plan a day trip to Isla Mujeres. And don’t forget to visit the Mayan vestiges . Ruinas El Rey are located right in the hotel zone, while El Meco –a bigger site- is located right outside the city. Although located a bit further from Cancun, you can plan to visit Chichen Itza as well.