Hostel Mexico CityCatering to budget travelers and backpackers in particular, hostels are a very good option if you want to save some money while spending your dream vacation in Mexico. Hostel life might not be for everyone, but you can easily choose a hostel and type of room to suit both your taste and budget.

Before you book

Before booking your hostel bed/room you should consider the following:

  • In Mexico, hostels are also known under the name “Hostal
  • Although some hostels might have the word “youth” in their name, it doesn’t mean that there’s an age restriction for the guests.
  • B&Bs will also be listed under hostels and they always offer lower prices than hotels but not always as low as the hostels.
  • Not all hostels are created equal. Some might have only basic facilities while some might look like miniature hotels. Make sure to read the list of amenities before booking.
  • You might need to share your room with someone you have never met, which might not be pleasant sometimes. But you should also know that most hostels offer private rooms, which are perfect for couples or families.
  • Generally location determines the price although there will be exceptions.
  • Read the reviews before booking. You don’t want to end up in a party hostel if you prefer to sleep during the night.
  • Book the bed/room in advance. As the high season draws near, there will be less and less rooms available.
  • Prices don’t vary that much from one season to another. However, if you want to go to Mexico City in December, you will pay more per bed than if you visited the city in July. In the resort areas, prices don’t change from month to month.

Worth trying

If you are heading to Mexico City during March (right before the hottest period of the year), at Hostal Montejo, one of the best rated hostels in the capital, expect to pay US$16 per person per night in a double private room.

There are two hostels in Acapulco, both offering affordable beds. At Kingdom Hostel, during March, a bed in a twin private room costs US$35 per person per night, while at K3 Acapulco Youth Hostel a bed costs US$15 per person per night both in private rooms and in dorms.

There are several hostels in Cancun. Among the best rated we can find Haina Hostal, located right in downtown Cancun. For a bed in a twin private room, expect to pay about US$18 per person per night during March, while a bed in the dorm costs only US$11 per person per night.