Honeymoon in Mexico: Affordable Hotels and Warm Weather

dsc10003You are about to get married and don’t know where to go on the perfect honeymoon in November or December? Most of the northern hemisphere is already seeing winter weather but even if you do love the snow there’s not enough to go skiing. Those who enjoy spending a romantic week (or two) in a warmer climate have quite a lot of choices, including Mexico.

Weather in Mexico in November and December

The traditional honeymoon getaways in Mexico are all located on the coast and are blessed with tropical weather. The average daily temperatures range from 79F to 92F. Humidity is high year round. The rain season ended in October so the weather is now more reliable.

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Make sure to bring your marriage certificate as you’ll need it if you plan to take advantage of the discounts the resorts and hotels offer the newlyweds.

Honeymoon vacation packages

Dear groom, it’s traditional for you to handle the honeymoon arrangements, so read this part with attention. Your first choice when it comes to planning the perfect honeymoon is by scanning the honeymoon vacation packages available. The point of getting a package is to let others worry about the travel plans and you two only need to relax and have some fun (ahem) together. And by the way: if mom insists with planning, don’t let her. You and only you know your bride and what she wants during the honeymoon!

If you have some miles saved or you are a frequent flier on a particular airline which flies into Mexico, consider looking for cheap tickets to Mexico and see what you can find. Sometimes it’s cheaper to book a package without the flight (accommodation, meals and additional services only) and book the flight yourself.

Honeymoon destinations in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta

It is one of the best options for Americans who plan spending their honeymoon (or a romantic getaway) in Mexico. Here you can find some of the best resorts in Mexico and even if you are after cheap Puerto Vallarta hotel rooms you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure to read the reviews before booking because you do want a nice hotel for the two of you (since we know you’d be spending quite a lot of time indoors).


This beautiful location has started gaining more and more popularity as honeymoon destination. Hotels in Cancun also range from very cheap to incredibly expensive, but it’s easy to find something which caters both for your budget and your tastes.


It used to be the most popular vacation destination in Mexico between the 1950s and 1980s but was later eclipsed by Cancun. Now, it’s becoming a hot getaway for those looking for an interesting spring break escape. But the stunning landscape and numerous romantic activities do recommend Acapulco as a honeymoon destination as well. Hotels in Acapulco are also suitable for all budgets as they range from affordable to very expensive.

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