Hidden Mexico: Gonzaga Bay

Mexico’s beautiful beaches, warm weather and proximity to the U.S. have made it an extremely popular place tourist destination. However, while many tourists fly into Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and stay in all inclusive resorts, there are places in Mexico where you can enjoy a pristine, beautiful beach and escape the hoards of tourists and strips of resorts—you just have to know how to find them.

Gonzaga Bay on eastern side of Baja, about 100 miles south of San Felipe is a beautiful spot known for its great beaches and remote location. There are a scattering of houses, a hotel and a couple of restaurants. The area actually consists of two separate bays, connected by a small tidal flow at higher tides and a shallow sand bar at low tide. The large front bay faces the Sea of Cortez and tends to be the main bay for most activities—like snorkeling, fishing, clamming or kayaking.

Gonazaga Bay is also known for its great fishing, and at the first restaurant/hotel in the area, you can get the freshest seafood. There are also plenty of clams in the shallow bay, and you can easily dig up a meal of clams on the beach.

Despite it’s pristine beauty, there is little to no tourism development on Gonzaga Bay. The few people that have homes often fly small planes in and land on the bay or on the small airstrip in town. If you are coming by car, there is only one dirt road into town, and while 4-wheel drive and a high clearance is not 100% necessary, it makes things a lot easier. The road is definitely bumpy and slow going.

Once you arrive, however, you’ll realize the trek was worth it. Sparkling, clear water, beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets and little peace and quiet in Mexico far, far away from spring breakers and resorts. Gonzaga Bay still has the character of a sleepy little Mexican fishing town.