Guys Watch the Football Matches and Ladies Soak Up the Sun

cancun-sept-9Whenever a big event – like the World Cup – takes place, the football fans all over the world either stay glued to the TV sets (at home, in the pub, at a friend’s place…) or want to be in the heart of the action and watch the matches live.

And then there are other types of fans who don’t mind finding a middle ground and pleasing their significant other, as well. What if your lady wants a vacation in Cancun right smack during the World Cup? There’s quite a simple answer for that: pack your bags, grab that Mexico World Cup jersey you just ordered and head to Mexico. You can watch the matches with the other guys and your lady can soak up the sun and chit chat with the ladies. See? Everyone is pleased!

Cancun is a travel destination year round but June and July are not part of the high season, so you’ll be happy not to pay too much for the flight and accommodation. Tickets to Mexico are not hard to find and during the low season the airlines have a lot of deals available. Don’t forget to check out the low-cost carriers as well.

Cancun hotels range from affordable to very expensive but during the low season you can find excellent deals at resorts which seem way too expensive otherwise. Keep your eyes open and do a lot of research before you choose the hotel. You’ll be able to find something neat close to the beach and to the trendy bars.

Since you won’t be traveling during the high season there aren’t many reasons to book way in advance, but consider booking about 8 weeks prior to the vacation. Of course, if you find an excellent deal on flights, grab it without hesitation.