Getting from Cancun to Cuba

Traveling from the USA to Cuba can get pretty much any independent traveler in trouble. Therefore, alternative ways to travel to Cuba have gained popularity. You are still breaking the law, but there aren’t that many chances to actually get caught.

Probably the best way to get to Cuba is by way of Cancun, particularly because the flights to Cancun from the USA are cheaper compared to flights to Mexico City. Also, you do not clear US customs and immigration when you go via Mexico; but if you go through Canada or Bahamas you’ll have to clear customs. So, there will be not as much headaches if you take the Cancun route.

There aren’t any boats or buses connecting Cancun to any city in Cuba, so the only option is to fly into Havana’s international airport, the largest gateway into the country.

Flights from Cancun (airport code: CUN) to Cuba

Jose Martí International Airport (HAV), serving the capital of Havana, is the main gateway into Cuba. It is hub for Cubana de Aviación, Aero Caribbean and Aerogaviota. Direct flights from Cancun are operated by Aeromexico and Cubana de Aviación.

It’s not possible to search for flights on large booking engines (such as Kayak) due to United States travel restrictions. So you need to be creative: use European booking engines or go directly on the airlines’ websites. On a large European booking engine (Skyscanner) you can find flights from Cancun to Havana from US$273 (on Cubana). The flight time is 1h 43 min.

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