Flights to Mexico

Mexico is a major tourist destination and a vast country. There is a lot to do and see in Mexico, making it virtually impossible to comprise it all in one vacation. So that means, you need to plan several trips here.

While airfare to Mexico is relatively cheap if you are from Northern America, it gets really costly if you depart from Europe. But a little research and planning in advance will help you find affordable airfare to Mexico.

Prices are determined by the date when you want to depart and how long before that date you book the seat, airline, season and whether it’s a direct flight or not.

Here are some tips for finding cheap airfare to Mexico:

  • Find out which airlines use the Mexican airports as hubs. If an airline has frequent flights to and from a certain airport Mexican, there will be more offers and special deals available.

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  • If it’s possible, schedule your flight in midweek. While the weekends are busy because of the limited vacations most travelers get, Mondays are preferred by business travelers, which means airlines don’t need to worry about the seats on the planes filling up. Scheduling your flight on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday could save some money on your ticket to Mexico.

  • Try to visit Mexico during the shoulder season (one or two week before or after the high season, which lasts from December to April in the beach resorts areas). If you are an employee, chances are you can get days off easier during this period rather than during the high season. Check out Vacations in Mexico for more information about the tourist season.

  • Compare the prices between direct flights to your destination and flying into another city and then taking a domestic flight. Sometimes flying into Mexico City and then taking a domestic flight will be cheaper than flying directly to your destination.

  • Book your seat as soon as the fare sales come up for the dates you are interested in. Depending on the airline, that might mean 4 or 5 months prior to the vacation date.