Cheap Flights to Cancun

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Every year, millions of tourists visit Cancun and the Riviera Maya, making this city one of the busiest entry points into Mexico and Latin America.

Finding cheap airfare into Cancun can be tricky, if you want to fly here when everyone else is. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be a problem getting an affordable ticket into Cancun.

One airport in Cancun

Cancun Airport International (CUN) is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean and a point of entry for those who want to explore the Mayan sites. It is Mexico’s second biggest airport , however it is the biggest in Latin America for international traffic. The airport has three terminals ; terminal 1 is used by charter airlines from North America, as well as domestic charter airlines; terminal 2 handles both international and national traffic; and terminal 3 handles traffic only from North America and Europe. There are year round direct flights from Europe (Dusseldorf, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, London) and North America (Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal).

How to find cheap airfare to Cancun

In order to save on flights to Cancun, try to plan your vacation outside the high season. The weather in Cancun is superb year round, although it might be wetter during the low season. However, it shouldn’t stop you from planning to visit the city when the prices are low.

Plan your flight in mid-week when the prices are lower. Hence you’ll avoid the weekend rush of tourists. Also, keep your eyes on the sales from various airlines and book the ticket ahead of time. Last minute deals are good options as well, especially if you don’t mind traveling on the spur of the moment.