February in Mexico City

The warm and dry weather is excellent for sightseeing and shopping. There aren’t many events going on in February in Mexico City but that doesn’t mean you are going to get bored.


February marks the start of the warmest months in Mexico City. Also, the weather is still dry. The evenings and mornings are cool enough to require a jacket but during the day the weather is pleasant.


Avg high 72F / 22C
Avg low 46F / 7C

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Things to do

February is a great month to do a lot of sightseeing in the capital. The weather is pleasant, dry and there aren’t too many tourists either. So a good idea is to visit the Historic sites in Mexico City and allow couple of days to check them all out.

The Chapultepec Castle and the surrounding park are excellent choices for a day in the city. You can visit the museums and then spend the rest of the day checking out the amusement park or visiting the botanical garden. If you get hungry, there are several restaurants to check out.

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If you get tired of all the sightseeing, you can relax in one of the sparkling malls or check out the open air markets. Shopping is always a good idea when visiting Mexico City. You may never know when you will end up finding some great bargains.

Starting from February 5, those who are interested in watching bullfights should go to the Plaza de Toros Bull Ring.

Starting on February 17, Mexico City is home to the Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival. Competitions, screenings and discussions take place in various locations in the city. You can enjoy Mexican cinema, European cinema and many other genres.

Getting to Mexico City in February

The easiest way to get to the capital is by catching a flight. Plenty of airlines serve the capital and the prices are still affordable in February.

Where to Stay

Mexico City offers a lot of places to stay, from the posh hotels to the cheap hostels. You don’t have to book your bed in advance.