Enjoy the Authentic Mexican Food

I’m not exactly the type of traveler to try everything on the road. Plus, I don’t eat certain meats, either. So, I’m a tough customer to please. But the Mexican cuisine is very popular in the world…and especially in the United States. And no, I’m not even talking about the TexMex foods you can find in certain places. I’m talking about the real Mexican food. And where can you try it at its best? Exactly! In Mexico!

Street food may have a bad reputation, especially for those who are afraid to fall ill on the road. However, if you want the real food experience, there’s nothing like trying the shrimp cocktail sauce in Veracruz. It’s a local delicacy and every street café will have their specialty…and don’t forget the street vendors either. And since you are close to Oaxaca anyway, try the local delicacies: the chapulines (grasshoppers). They are said to be crunchy and don’t taste bad.

Is your mouth watering yet? If so, start looking for cheap flights into Mexico. A good idea is to fly into Oaxaca’s International Airport. It receives direct flights from Houston (Texas) as well as from Mexico City. Also, book one of the cheap hotels in Oaxaca . And in order to get to Veracruz, you can catch one of the buses available. It takes about 5 hours to cover the distance between the two cities. And by the way: Veracruz also has an airport and receives direct flights from Houston, as well.

Most of us do have a love-hate relationship with bizarre foods. While for me grasshoppers are indeed bizarre, my significant other won’t touch sea food with a five foot pole (I wouldn’t bet on the grasshoppers either, though). Still, he’ll definitely enjoy carne asada (you can find this specialty in Northern Mexico).

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