December in Mexico

December is one of the great months to visit Mexico. The weather on the coast is excellent for sunbathing while in the cities it’s acceptable for sightseeing. If you want to avoid the crowds in the resorts, plan to visit Mexico before Christmas. If you want to experience the cultural side of Mexico, make sure not to miss the Posadas. And if you like silver, there’s a Silver Festival for you as well!

Weather and temperatures

On the coastal regions, the end of December marks the start of the high season. The weather is warm and calm, just perfect for swimming, snorkeling and soaking up the sun. Since the wet season ended in November, the beginning of December is one of the best times to visit Mexico.

Acapulco avg high 88F/31C; avg low 73F/22C
Cancun avg high 82F/27C; avg low 69F/20C
Cozumel avg high 82F/27C; avg low 68F/20C
Guadalajara avg high 76F/24C; avg low 45F/7C
Mexico City avg high 70F/21C; avg low 45F/7C
Monterrey avg high 69F/20C; avg low 50F/10C
Puebla avg high 63F/17C; avg low 48F/8C
Puerto Vallarta avg high 81F/27C; avg low 65F/18C

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Until mid-December including you can still benefit from the fall discounts at the hotels and resorts but starting with Christmas the prices are at their highest. Plus the popular resorts in Cancun are usually overcrowded so it’s best to avoid them if you don’t like the crowds.

The big Mexican cities are served by their own airports so catch a flight is the easiest way to arrive here. However, you might want to fly into the capital and the catch a domestic flight or a bus in order to save some money.

Things to do

In the coast regions all the activities revolve around the beach. You can swim, snorkel, dive, sunbathe and do whatever else you want to do the lovely beaches. Many resorts offer packages with activities included and the prices are discounted until December 20 (give or take couple of days).

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In case the beach is not your thing, you can go shopping or attend festivals. Everyone likes jewelry and if silver is your cup of tea head to the National Silver Fair in Taxco, Guerrero, between November 30 and December 8. You can buy a wide range of silver items and can also attend concerts and watch fireworks.

Fiesta of the Virgin of Guadalupe takes place all over Mexico on December 12 but the most intense celebrations are in Mexico City. Pilgrims go to the Basilica de Guadalupe to pay tribute to the patron saint of the country.

The Posadas take place each night between December 16 and 24. These are processions which lead to a different house each night. When they reach the destination, the participants sing the part of Joseph asking for shelter and those in the house replay by singing the part of the innkeeper saying there’s no room but decide to let them in. So the door opens and everyone gets inside for a big party.

The last posada takes place on Christmas Eve. Special processions take place in cities and usually the families attend a late-night dinner.

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