December in Mexico City

december-mex-cityDecember is a very colorful month in Mexico City. And it’s crowded. Many travelers prefer to spend Christmas and New Year’s in a warmer climate. Make sure to book your flight and accommodation in advance.

Weather & Temperatures

The average high temperature is 70F/21C, while the average low is 45F/7C. However, December is a dry month so you don’t need to worry about precipitations at all. Make sure to pack appropriate clothing if you plan to spend the mornings and evenings out.

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Things to do

The weather is nice enough to plan some sightseeing. You can dedicate an entire day visiting the historic sites in Mexico City .

Plan another day at the Chapultepec Castle and Park . The kids will love the Zoo and the amusement park. When you are tired and hungry, you can rest and grab a snack or meal at the restaurant.

December is filled with events celebrating the approach of Christmas. Les Pastorelas are staged during the last two weeks of December and tell the story of nativity. While Las Posadas represent the enactment of St. Joseph and Virgin Mary’s search for lodging, and take place each evening starting from December 16 until Christmas.

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Several festivals also take place in and around Mexico City by the end of the month. Feria de la Pinata takes place in Alcoman, close to Mexico City. The fair features all kinds of piñatas and some are for sale.

Feria de la Nochebuena y Articulos Navidenos is a Christmas market which takes place in late December. You can pick up last minute gifts and decorations.

Arriving in Mexico City in December

The flights to Mexico City are rather crowded in December. It’s a high season month and many travelers want to spend the winter holiday here. There are plenty of US carriers which offer flights to Mexico so make sure to check the specials and book in advance.

Where to stay in Mexico City in December

December tends to be quite expensive thanks to the winter holidays. But even so, accommodation in Mexico City is for any budget if you know where to look for it. There are inexpensive hostels for the budget travelers and of course, there are expensive hotels for those who prefer more facilities.

If you travel in a group it pays to rent an apartment. You’ll save quite a lot on accommodation and food.

Photo credit: rosswebsdale on Flickr