Cancun in December

december-in-cancunIf your idea is to wait for Santa Claus by the beach or by the pool sipping from a cocktail and sun bathing, then Cancun is definitely the place to be. December is a dry month and the high season is just about to begin.

Weather & Temperatures

The temperatures begin to get warmer and the sky is clear. The month is quite dry so there aren’t many chances of rain. The average high temperature is 82F/27C , while the average low is 69F/20C, which makes for perfect sun bathing weather during the day and dancing the night away during the night.

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Events & Things to Do

Sun bathing is possible in Cancun all year round but with the start of the high season, now you can enjoy the sun without having to run and hide when it rains. Swimming, snorkeling and other water sports can also be practiced.

If you prefer to explore the area close to Cancun, a day trip to Isla Mujeres is a good idea. Don’t miss the temple and lighthouse. You can also snorkel here.

Another interesting idea is visiting Chichen Itza , which located close by. Make sure to bring good walking shoes, a lot of water and arrive early (before the crowds and the heat).

Just like everywhere else in Mexico, December is filled with events celebrating the approach of Christmas. If you are interested in the Mexican culture, make sure to watch Les Pastorelas – which tell the story of nativity – and Las Posadas – the enactment of St. Joseph and Virgin Mary’s search for lodging. They both take place in the last two weeks prior to Christmas.

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How to get to Cancun in December

The majority of travelers arrive in Cancun by plane. With the start of the high season the prices usually increase but there are many carriers to choose from. Many US carriers offer flights to Mexico and often you can save quite a lot if you book in advance.

Where to stay in Cancun in December

As the winter holiday approaches, the prices start to go up. But there are always ways to make a vacation affordable. If you are on a low budget, a very good choice is to check out the hostels near downtown Cancun , which offer good location and affordable rates.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, there are plenty of hotels in Cancun to choose from and if you book well in advance you can find good offers.

Photo credit: Mr.Thomas on Flickr