Cheap Hotels in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a popular vacation destination in Mexico, known for the golf courses, resorts and the outdoor activities. There are plenty of hotels to choose from in Cabo , ranging from budget hotels to luxury resorts and everything in between. During the high season the prices increase dramatically but they tend to be slightly cheaper during spring and fall.

Cabo is actually divided into three distinct areas: San Jose del Cabo – or the “Old Town”, with its old Mexico charm -, Cabo San Lucas – the “Main Town” and the entertainment hub – and The Corridor – which is the highway which links San Jose to Cabo San Lucas and which is now lined with resorts and gold courses.

If you plan to visit the area during the high season – December to February – make sure to book the accommodation in advance. While you can still find double rooms starting at US$50 per night in a 2-star hotel , they book up very fast. Even in 3-star hotels , close to the beach, you can find studios for just US$63 per night, while double rooms start at US$85 per night.

Outside the high season, the prices tend to be lower, but not by a lot. In a 2-star hotel , expect to pay from US$45 per night for a double room, while in 3-star hotels, the prices remain the same.

However, keep in mind that it’s possible to find discounts especially when you book online. So don’t be surprised to see that rooms actually cost slightly more during the shoulder season , because they are not discounted, than during the high season , when discounts are applied.

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