Cancun Hotels are Cheap During the Low Season

cancun-sept-9The peak season in Cancun starts in December and ends in April but the tropical weather makes it a travel destination year-round. By September the temperatures have started to cool down. Combine that with the low-season crowds and you’ve got the perfect time to plan a vacation in Cancun.

With the kids back to school, now it’s a good time to invest in some couple time together. Don’t be shy and ask grandma to baby-sit while the lovebirds plan a romantic escape south of the border.

Flights to Cancun

At this time of the year, there are enough flights into Cancun and the ticket prices aren’t high. You can find cheap flights to Cancun either by checking out the discount websites or looking directly at the airlines’ website. There are more than 115 airlines servicing Cancun’s airport so chances are your favorite airline flies here.

If you plan to fly from Miami to Cancun in early October, round trip tickets start at $232 per person, while round-trip flights from New York start at $382 per person (or even $270 if you opt for an indirect flight).

Accommodation in Cancun

Now that you’ve found your flight, you also need a place to stay. During the low-season you can find excellent prices even at high-end hotels and resorts. The hotels in Cancun that are way too expensive during the high season now turn into excellent choices even for the budget travelers.

In early October, even the Hotel Sotavento & Yatch Club offers rooms from $55.50 a night while at the The Westin Resort & Spa you can find rooms starting with $83.30 per night. I would definitely call those bargains!

Vacation packages

Now it’s the perfect time to look for vacation packages in this part of the world. There are plenty of cheap all-inclusive packages available for those who want to visit Mexico and the Mexican Riviera this time of the year. For $500 you get the round-trip flight from New York, 3-night accommodation and all the food and drink.

More of Mexico to explore

With the money saved on both flight and accommodation, you can visit more than one place in Mexico. Hotels in Mexico are affordable at this time of the year in every city.

The dreaded H1N1 virus and the economic recession have hit Mexico badly which resulted in less travelers this year. Those involved in the hotels business decided to take action and are slashing prices and offering special discounts in order to reignite the tourists’ passion for Mexico.

Photo credit: Mike McHolm on Flickr