Best beaches in Mexico

It’s not hard to decide to head to Mexico for a hot vacation on the beach. However, depending on where you’ll be flying from chances are you’ll have to decide between the Caribbean and Pacific Coast. That’s unless you live in Texas and have quick access to both coasts. If you fly from California your most likely destination will be Los Cabos , while if you fly from the East Coast you are probably going to head to Cancun .

Thankfully, there are stunning beaches on both coasts so you really don’t need to worry if you made the right choice.

Caribbean Coast

If you like to dive, snorkel or swim in calm waters, then this is the best destination for you. The beaches here are totally different than the ones on the Pacific coast.

Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

It is probably the hippest beach on the Caribbean Coast and a good choice if you plan to avoid Cancun. It’s low key and very easily accessible from the hotels located near-by. Plus, it’s just a ferry ride away from Cozumel .

The water is great for swimming. There are plenty of excellent restaurants to choose from and if you plan to be active you can take a day off the beach and visit the Mayan ruins .

Playa Delfines, Cancun

One of the largest and widest beaches on the Caribbean coast, Playa Delfines got its name from the dolphins you can see swimming here. The waves are quite strong so it’s a great choice for surfing. If you plan to swim, be careful not to venture too far. And by the way: the views are absolutely amazing.

Playa Tortugas, Cancun

It’s one of the most popular beaches in Cancun, offering a wide variety of restaurants and bars plus chances to practice beach volleyball. There are shuttles to Isla Mujeres available so if you plan to take a short day trip, this beach is a good start point. You can also snorkel here (and can rent snorkeling equipment from the beach).

Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

The only beach on Isla Mujeres is absolutely superb. The shallow water – you can walk for 40 yards in waist-deep water – and the lovely sand makes it a great beach for the families. There are good bars and restaurants on the beach and some offer free lounge chairs and hammocks for their customers. Snorkeling equipment can be rented.

Pacific Coast

If surfing is on your mind, than this “restless” coast is the best choice for you. Acapulco used to be the popular choice before Cancun was even built.

Bahía de Puerto Marqués, Acapulco

While the majority of the beaches in Acapulco are over-run with tourists, Puerto Marques is still one of the remote places where you can enjoy a relaxed day at the beach. Swimming is safe (and popular) here and so are many water sports. There are several restaurants on the beach where you can enjoy fresh sea-food. The beach can be easily accessed by car, bus and even boat.

Playa del Amor, Cabo San Lucas

While the surfing can be rough on most of the beaches in Los Cabos, Playa del Amor is located in a sheltered cove which allows for safe swimming and offers calm waters. The rock formations create an interesting landscape. Tourists come here for the beauty of the beach for its calm waters.

Bahia de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta

The most charming resort area on the Pacific Coast is, by far, Puerto Vallarta. If visiting the town is not your cup of tea, then head directly to Bahia de Banderas. The third largest natural bay in Mexico offers great opportunities for spending a lovely beach vacation.

Punta de Mita, Puerto Vallarta

If diving is on your beach schedule, then Punta de Mita is the place to go. Other water sports which can be practiced here include surfing and swimming. Walking on the beach is not only romantic but also a lovely way to discover the surrounding nature.

Playa La Ropa, Zihuatanejo

If you are looking for a low key beach, Playa la Ropa is a good choice. You can swim here and practice many water sports. Catch the sunset on a lazy morning is one of the most beautiful things to do with your loved one. There are many restaurants on the beach and you can use the lounges for free if you are a customer (or for a fee). You can easily reach the beach by bus from the town.

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