August in Mexico

If you are planning to go to Mexico in August, there are certain things you should consider: the prices are low and you’ll find plenty of discounted offers even at luxury resorts, but August fall right in the middle of the hurricane season.

Weather and Temperatures

The weather is, in general, wet and characterized by downpours, as August is right in the middle of the wet season (hurricane season). However, temperatures and local conditions differ a lot through the country.

While in the north part of the country is downright scorching hot, in the center it’s warm and rainy. On the coast, it can be quite hot but it’s also humid and the rain is common. But on the coast, the temperatures are calmed by a nice breeze.

Acapulco avg high 89F/31C ; avg low 77F/25C

Cancun avg high 90F/32C ; avg low 74F/23C

Cozumel avg high 89F/31C ; avg low 74F/23C

Mexico City avg high 74F/23C ; avg low 56F/13C

Monterrey avg high 95F/35C ; avg low 74F/23C

Puerto Vallarta avg high 90F/32C ; avg low 76F/24C

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What to do

August is a good month to explore the cities, especially the capital. The temperatures are just great for walking in the city and you don’t have to worry about the hurricanes either (it can get rainy but the storms don’t reach the city).

If you travel to Mexico this August, you can go to Guanajuato and enjoy the International Chamber Music Festival . It takes place between July 31 and August 17 and features guest musicians, local artists and award-winning ensembles.

During the same period in Esenada (Baja California), the Valle de Guadalupe Wine festival is in full swing. There are competitions to determine the best wine, wine tasting, good food and concerts.

In the town of Huamantla, between August 5 and 20, The Huamantla Fair takes place. It’s a festival dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The city streets are decorated with tapestries made of flowers petals. The religious celebration is the focus of the festival, but there are also cockfights, cattle exhibitions, concerts and a large market (complete with food stands).

In Zacatecas, between August 28 and 31, Las Morismas de Bracho takes place. It’s a popular celebration during which reenactments of the battles of Moors and Christians take place.

The city of Puebla celebrates the Mexican national dish, chiles en nogada, for the entire month of August. Festival del Chile en Nogada comprises activities during the entire month and the finals are on the last Sunday. The best recipe receives a price.

The end of August in Guadalajara sees the Mariachi Festival. Lasting between August 28 and September 7, the festival is a joy for anyone who likes to listen to mariachi music. There are performances all over the city, both in the streets and in special venues.

Getting to Mexico in August

Mexico is home to several airports, all served by direct international flights. Most often, the cheapest alternative is to fly into Mexico City and then catch a domestic flight or bus to your destination.

Places to Stay

August being low season, you don’t really need to worry about finding a hotel to stay in. But if you visit one of the cities exactly during the festivals, you need to consider booking in advance.