August in Cancun

august-in-cancunAll over Mexico, August represents the off-season but that doesn’t mean travelers are avoiding the country and Cancun makes no exception. Many resorts have special offers during this period and it’s the perfect time to visit Cancun if your budget is not exactly high.

Weather & Temperatures

Rainfall increases in August but the temperatures stay high. The average low temperature is 77F/25C while the average high is 90F/32C. Showers usually occur during the afternoon so make sure to plan your outdoor activities in the morning. It is very humid but if you are staying by the beach, the breeze doesn’t allow you to feel how hot & humid the weather really is.

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Events & Things to Do

Even right smack in the rainy season, Cancun is still all about the beaches and the things you can do near-by: swim, snorkel, soak up the sun and relax. Do plan your beach activities before the early afternoon.

When the stomach is asking for a great meal, make sure to check some of the restaurants in Cancun ; some might be a bit pricey, but the majority of them are downright cheap and offer great traditional food.

If you come to Cancun during the middle of August, you’ll be able to enjoy La Fiesta de Playa, complete with concerts, competitions and a lot of fun!

Located close to Cancun, Isla Mujeres celebrates its Founding Day on August 17. So besides checking out the beaches, the temple and the lighthouse, make sure to attend some of the festivities dedicated to this special day.

Labor Day weekend (late August / early September) tends to be quite crowded here as many Americans flock to Cancun for some beach time and partying.

If you want to escape Cancun, there’s always the possibility to visit some of the Mayan ruins located near-by and especially Chichen Itza . Be prepared to wear rain gear though because this day trip will fill the entire day.

How to get to Cancun in August

The majority of travelers arrive in Cancun on a flight to Mexico . Cancun is served by its own airport which receives plenty of commercial and charter flights. Although August is off season, do make sure to check the prices in advance and plan your budget accordingly. For the cheapest fare, fly mid-week and if possible, at rather awkward hours (i.e. late at night or very early in the morning).

Where to stay in Cancun in August

Since August is off-season in Cancun, you can expect to find plenty of good offers even from the high end resorts. In general though, there are hotels in Cancun for all budgets and types of travelers. If you are looking for the cheapest alternative, don’t forget to check out the hostels near downtown Cancun .