April in Mexico City

April is one of the hot months Mexico City , but fear not for you are not going to melt as the temperatures are at a pleasant average of 78F. You can take your time and visit the sights and maybe even enjoy some incredible art as well.

Weather and temperatures

Thanks to being located at a high altitude Mexico City has a mild weather year long, although the hottest months are between March and June, right before the wet season. But the “hot weather” is not unbearable as the average day time temperature in April is 25C/78F. During the night it’s pleasant but you still need a jacket as temperatures are around 11C/53F. Don’t worry much about the rainfall in April. It mostly rains during the wet season (June to September).

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Festivals & Events

If you like to see some great art, don’t miss the Zona Maco Mexican Contemporary Art Fair (Apr 22-26). There are exhibitions from famous museums all over the world. The event takes place at Centro Banamex.

Things to do

Although April is considered a month with hot weather, it’s not unbearable to stroll the streets and check out the sites. The capital has plenty of historic sites (https://www.mexicologue.com/historic-sites-in-mexico-city.html) for you to check out which can easily fill up at least two days of sightseeing.

After that much sightseeing, you might want to try some good cuisine, but finding the perfect restaurant is not hard at all here.

If you visit Mexico City during Easter, you can enjoy the Catholic festivities and check out the incredible local traditional dishes .

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How to get to Mexico City in April

The majority of travelers arrive in Mexico City via a flight . Benito Juarez International Airport, the city’s airport, receives daily flights from cities all over the world. Plan ahead and check the various rates. It’s best to fly mid-week if you want to save some money.

Where to stay

There are plenty of places to stay and choosing the right one for you depends mostly on your budget. Even the hotels in the heart of the city can charge as low as US$50 per night. As for the cheap hostels , the prices are around U$15-20 per night for a bed around this time of the year.