April in Cancun

With the temperature going and almost no rain, April is one of the best months to visit Cancun . Along with your daily beach activities you can enjoy some festivals and even spend Catholic Easter here.

Weather & temperatures

The typical weather in Cancun in April is quite hot! The average day time temperature is 29C/85F, while during the nights it’s about 22C/73F. It doesn’t rain much and when it happens the showers don’t last long.

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Things to do

In such a beautiful weather, it’s only normal to choose all the activities close to the beach and water. Swimming, snorkeling, diving and many other water sports are practiced here.

After a day on the beach, it’s time to check out the local food. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from but our advice is to try to local cuisine and the seafood. Of course, you can try a new cuisine each day of the week since there are plenty of restaurants offering anything from Italian to Argentine dishes.

Many couples like to have their wedding in spring and choose Cancun for their honeymoon . They always expect to be pampered and enjoy the intimacy needed. And fear not, the resorts in Cancun offer just that for anyone looking for a romantic getaway.

You can also plan a day trip to visit Chichen Itza , the magnificent Mayan site. Try to arrive as early as possible to avoid the crowds and make sure to bring water to keep you hydrated.

Events & Festivals

The main event in April in Cancun is the Catholic Easter (which in 2009 falls on April 12). The festivities take place all over Cancun during the Holy Week and while most are of religious importance, you can also enjoy some very entertaining ones as well. How about being part of a confetti-filled eggs battle?

A sailboat regatta takes place in April in Cancun each year. The boats leave from Florida (US) and stop in Isla Mujeres . Cancun and the island fill up with a festival air and there are plenty of things to see and do.

How to get to Cancun in April

April is considered peak season in Cancun, so cheap flights are rarely found. By the end of the month, however, the prices start to be lower. It should serve you well to book your flight in advance.

Where to stay

Since April is peak season, the accommodation books up pretty quickly. Whether you plan to stay in a budget hotel or high end resort , make sure to book your room in advance. In this way you can even save some money.

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